Petition for ‘Ghostbusters’ Director to Make Amy Schumer ‘Barbie’ Movie Attracts Just Seven Signatures!

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By Heat Street Staff | 1:41 pm, December 13, 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there were no such things as movie internet petitions on Now though they are commonplace and a popular vehicle for pop cultural protest, albeit of the most pointless sort (18,000 people signed a petition protesting against Leonardo Di Caprio potentially being cast as 13th-century Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi in a new biopic).

Some of them don’t catch fire, though. It’s been gratifying to see SJWs not respond to an insane call to arms calling on Sony to hire Paul Feig, who made the misguided Ghostbusters remake, to direct sensitive feminist comedienne Amy Schumer in Barbie, Mattel’s upcoming live action movie of their popular brand for toys for young girls (Schumer is currently in negotiations to play the title role).

As of press time, seven people have signed the petition. Seven.

Cultural organizer Dolores Thompson, from Seattle, wrote last week in her petition of her undying admiration for the much-maligned Ghostbusters: “The story of four career women in New York City, working for themselves, and battling ghosts was the best film of the summer for me. It spoke to me on a level that very few films lately have. It told me that, I, could achieve anything I wanted to despite any societal road blocks that might stand in my way.

“That is a feeling I wish to have more in the cinema, and right now Paul Feig is the best director to give it to me (as well as my daughters, and niece). Recently it was announced that Mattel had teamed up with Sony to produce a live-action adaption of Barbie. This was always a tough property to tackle (given that body confidence issues surrounding the toy’s history is always present), but when it was revealed that comedienne Amy Schumer would be playing the title role, I thought to myself that only one human could direct it. Paul Feig.”

People are disappointed out there at the stunning lack of interest.

Life goes on…