PETA Blasted as ‘Sexist’ for Using Bikini-Clad Models to Serve Dairy-Free Treats

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:50 pm, July 5, 2017
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is being blasted for what feminists say is the unethical treatment of women.

The progressive activist group, long a staple of the left, decided to stage a promotional event at the Wimbledon tennis championship, and dressed a number of young, attractive women in bikinis and had them hand out dairy-free treats to the sweltering crowd.

The stunt was meant to attract attention, and for PETA, it was pretty typical—usually the models trying to guilt passers-by into quitting meat are clad only in lettuce leaves (or, for that matter, nothing at all), so strawberry-print pinup gear was definitely an upgrade. But it ended up angering PETA’s fellow social justice warriors who called the display “anti-feminist” and threatened to revoke their support.

“I’m sick of you exploiting women’s bodies in the name of being vegan. You need to change your methods,” said one supporter, a Guardian reporter, who also said he was cancelling his membership immediately. 

Another, a union organizer Tweeted, “Exploitation of women’s bodies is never a good look. Another sexist campaign. You value animals over women.”

PETA fired back, claiming that its critics were nothing more than sex-negative prudes, and body-shamers, to boot. They even suggested that some of their “feminist” detractors were actually forcing the animal rights organizations, and its models, to ascribe to tyrannical Patriarchy.

“We are all feminists but not prudes, and we believe a woman has the absolute right to use her body in any way she chooses, without a father, brother, or anyone else telling her to cover up.” PETA’s director, a woman named Elisa Allen, added that, for the models, it was “their bodies, their choices,” adding that she “believes a woman has the absolute right to use her body in any way she chooses.”
Plus, PETA says, the bikinis are a great marketing tactic; sex sells. “This approach has proved successful, as many of the people who stop and look then go on to try vegan milks and meats for the first time, take a leaflet, or visit our website to learn more about abusive animal agriculture.”

The actual bikini girls were not available to comment, but they probably won’t be back on the courts at Wimbledon, anyway. The organization that puts on the yearly tennis tournament says that the stunt ran afoul of their rules, so PETA will have to take its bikini ladies someplace else.