Pepe Strikes Again: Zara Discontinues Denim Skirt Over Likeness to Cartoon Frog

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By William Hicks | 5:08 pm, April 18, 2017
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The first half of the 21st century will be remembered best by the scourge wrought by a cartoon frog.

Over the course of 2016 Pepe the Frog transformed from a sweet, innocent cartoon character to the most evil symbol of hate and racism ever to exist. Journalists deleted their Twitter in fear, and many a young lad and lass succumbed to his siren song of fascism.

But the ballad of Pepe is not over. He struck again, marring the world of teen girl fashion with his likeness.

The clothing manufacturer Zara is under fire for a new spring denim skirt that features frog faces that sort of look like Pepe if he wore goggles.

After widespread condemnation by about four social justice warriors on Twitter, Zara removed the anti-semitic skirt from their stores.

This isn’t even the first coded anti-semitism to grace Zara’s clothing line. In 2014 they released a children’s “sheriff” shirt that looked a little too similar to a concentration camp uniform.


But can we forgive Zara for their meme crimes? Should there be retribution for using memes for evil instead of good? Will we ever not be offended by a cartoon frog?

Damn you, Pepe, for making the world so complicated!

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