People Who Don’t Identify as a Man or Woman Want to Know: Why Isn’t Anyone Hooking Up With Me?

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:03 pm, June 24, 2017

Vice, known lately for covering super serious news, published a 2,000-word probe this week by Meredith Talusan, a writer who doesn’t identify as either a man or a woman. The central existential question: “Why can’t my famous nonconforming friends get laid?”

Talusan describes the friends in question, Jacob Tobia and Alok Vaid-Menon, both outspoken activists with tens of thousands of followers.

Neither has undergone hormone treatment, so they have “visible body hair that marks them as more obviously trans.” Both have a five-o’clock shadow, high heels and lipstick, and “they” as a pronoun.

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It turns out, Talusan says, that while the LGBT community is increasingly accepting of people with such specific and niche professed identities… no one really wants to bed them.

The Vice expose follows Tobia and Vaid-Menon’s thus-far failed search for a sexual partner, online and off. They even invented a word for it: “femmezone,” Talusan says, can sound like “Amazon” if you stretch it to three syllables.

“Nonbinary femmes like them are too masc for the straights, to femme for the gays, too out for nearly everyone else,” Talusan writes.

(For what it’s worth, Talusan, who has had male-to-female hormone treatment and reassignment surgery and thus “looks cis,” does just fine.)

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From Talusan’s perspective, the fact that no one wants to sleep with Tobia and Vaid-Menon is a sign of injustice. “Jacob and Alok don’t need more claps or raised hands, more YASSSS’s or SLAY’s,” the article concludes. “What they need is to be found deeply, undeniably f*ckable.”

That’s right: Vice is now pushing pity f*cks for social justice.