People Are Calling the Woman’s Marches Transphobic Because of All the References to P**sy

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By William Hicks | 10:05 pm, January 22, 2017
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The women’s march was by almost all indicators a success. Hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully in cities across the country, numbers that far exceeded expected turnout. But there are some on the left who think the entire motif of the march was transphobic.

Since many women wore “pussy” hats and many of the signs at the protest referenced pussies, some believe this promoted “cisnormativity,” or the idea that women are supposed to have vaginas. Connecting the concepts of vaginas and women excludes trans women who do not have vaginas.

Some on social media also took aim at references to menstruation, saying that it does not define womanhood.

The many signs referencing being grabbed by the pussy and saying “pussy grabs back” also irked some people.

Just goes to show you: Even the biggest feminist protest in U.S. history can still offend social justice warriors.