‘Orange is the New Black’ Creator Buys Terrorism Insurance for New Show About Teenage Jesus

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:15 pm, June 8, 2017
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What is Netlfix banking on to reverse its recent slump epitomized by the cancellations of Sense8, The Get Down and Marco Polo?

An irreverent show about Jesus Christ as a teenager devised by Jenji Kohan,  the colorfully-haired creator of Netflix’s hit prison series Orange is the New Black.

Kohan is so sure her new show—which she is presently writing—will prove hugely controversial that she’s taken out terrorism insurance to cover potential losses and liabilities against any crazy activity that occurs when it airs.

When asked during a Hollywood Reporter round-table conversation about whether Kohan was genuinely nervous to tackle a big subject, she responded:  “We had to take terrorism insurance out.”

 She added: “I remember Shonda [Rhimes] telling a story of people camping out outside her house when she killed McDreamy [on Grey’s Anatomy]. People get crazy because they bathe in these characters, and they take it personally.

 “We’re developing a teen Jesus project [for Netflix] that got some people nervous. It’s like The Wonder Years [the beloved ABC 1980s coming-of-age drama] but with Jesus, and there are all sorts of things where we cross lines—and there are crazies out there.”

Will the “crazies” care as much as she thinks?