Northern Kentucky U Art Exhibit Focuses on Trump’s Insults to Women

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 11:30 am, January 16, 2017
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The main gallery of Northern Kentucky University’s faculty exhibit launched a show this week featuring wearable sashes of Donald Trump’s worst statements about women, which it will display through Feb. 3.

The 20 beauty queen-style “solidarity” sashes include “Miss Nasty Woman,” “Miss Fat Ass,” “and Miss Piggy.” Julie Mader-Meersman, the art professor behind the project, has also created an “I Choose Love” sash, which she prefers to wear.

By deadline, Mader-Meersman did not respond to a media inquiry from Heat Street.

But in her artist’s statement, she wrote that the “solidarity sashes” are meant to reclaim “the names and words Trump has used against women—words meant to emotionally harm and publicly demean.”

She also wrote that the sashes are meant to be a reference to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, as well as Women’s Suffragists.

“These sashes highlight the absurdity and transparency of Trump’s insecurities,” Mader-Meersman said. “They are an expression of empathy and a refusal to accept the objectification of women.”

Mader-Meersman has also created printable versions online, as well as a  book that “is the documentary record of the project in its entirety.”

On her website, the art professor urged others to wear the sashes at home, at the Women’s March, on Inauguration Day, and “whenever you have a strong need to visibly convey your stance on tolerance.”