Why Was Meryl Streep’s Work with Republican Clint Eastwood Left Out of Her Globes Tribute?

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:13 pm, January 9, 2017

Was anybody happy at the Golden Globes apart from the winners?

Eagle-eyed Trump supporters are not just furious with Meryl Streep’s Cecil B.De Mille lifetime achievement award speech at the Globes in which she called out the President-elect for “his instinct to humiliate”.

Some of them on social media have noticed the glaring absence of The Bridges of Madison County, the acclaimed 1995 Clint Eastwood movie, from the compilation montage featuring clips from many of Streep’s films that Viola Davis introduced when giving the acting legend her award.

Trump fans think this is a deliberate political snub. Libby Anne Hess tweeted: “Why was Bridges of Madison County clip left out of Meryl Streep tribute? Eastwood is Republican.”

Rob Castle tweeted: “Left out of Meryl Streep’s montage was “The Bridges of Madison County”. I guess Hollywood doesn’t respect Clint Eastwood.”

They have a point—Eastwood’s most recent movie Sully was ignored by the Globes—although it’s unclear if the snub was politically-related or even deliberate.

Streep was nominated in 1995 for a Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama award for The Bridges of Madison County and surely it deserved a place in the clip reel more than her awards-free misfires Death Becomes Her or Defending Your Life that did wind up making the cut.

Woody Allen, who has become a pariah among certain quarters of liberal Hollywood due to historical and unproven sex abuse allegations, helped put Streep on the map, casting her in his 1979 classic Manhattan.

Streep won Best Supporting Actress awards for that role but Manhattan was too left out of the montage.