‘New York’ Readers Get Angrier After Movie Critic Pens Mea Culpa for ‘Sexist’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Review

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:11 pm, June 6, 2017
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New York movie critic David Edelstein’s Wonder Woman review caused an uproar amongst colleagues, readers and people who just want to have something to protest about.

Now Edelstein has issued a convoluted mea culpa that won’t do him any favors. Yesterday he said on Facebook, “Right now I think the problem is that some people can’t read.”

Today he is more compromising, albeit confusingly so.  He stands by his criticism of the film, but now says he felt sick at the response and that his critics have a point.

Edelstein writes: “My review of Wonder Woman was received with both outrage and ridicule, and reading those reactions, I felt sick. Some of the criticisms were unjust.

“Lines and descriptions were taken out of context and twisted to mean something they didn’t. People alluded to “leering” where I’d made a point of saying the film rejects the male gaze.”

Edelstein added: “It didn’t help that I reached out to Facebook friends with a gored-bull rant of my own that was then circulated. The lesson was learned on that score—and plenty of others.”

He concludes: “I didn’t take the film as seriously as others because I didn’t see it as a breakthrough…I underestimated how much a superheroine at the center of a woman-directed film would mean to many people, and descriptions I considered lively and complimentary would come across as demeaning.

“Moreover, if Wonder Woman will empower women at this moment in history… some of the criticisms of my review are just. I reserve the right to think that this is not, overall, a very good movie. But it is an important one.”

Has this ended the controversy? That would be a no!  There are over 70 comments and almost all of them are negative.

They include,  “You might be genuine about the ‘mouthiness,’ but wasn’t something like this applied recently to Hillary Clinton, to her great disadvantage?”, “Super hot idea: Have NYMag editors actually do their job and stop letting him get away with this stuff,” and “This is the editorial version of a Kathy Griffin press conference.”

Twitter also isn’t wild about the explanation:

New York magazine has always loved its trend pieces. Will all this sound and fury  culminate in an internal new trend—a new Chief Film Critic for New York?