New York Magazine Tells Women to Go On Strike In Protest Against Trump

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By Kieran Corcoran | 8:54 am, November 9, 2016

Deflated media outlets are so upset by Donald Trump’s electoral triumph that they are encouraging women to stay home from work and “refuse to participate” in the nation.

A flaming hot take published at 6am today by New York Magazine said “Women, Take The Day Off” and advocated staying home and hiding as a rational response to an adverse election.

Writer Dayna Evans, who ignored her own advice to write this piece, explained herself like this:

We are being asked to pretend like this decision — one that millions of people made in good faith — is not a direct assault on our well-being.

Women, today is your day off.

It’s a small protest, but it’s a start. So much of this election has centered on women’s roles in the working world. Should we be free from sexual harassment at our jobs? Should we receive equal pay? Can we aspire to lead the free world?

One way we can respond, now, is to refuse to participate in a nation and economy that does not value our personhood, nor the personhood of anyone who doesn’t identify as a white male. It’s a small protest, but it’s a start.

Her stance handily ignores exit polling which suggests that a majority of white women actually voted Trump – along with a quarter of Latina women and a small minority of black women.

Evans also came under fire from women who said her call was “elitist” as only women financially comfortable enough to stay home to “take care of yourself” and “process what this country thinks”.

Although the story was getting some traction on social media, we will have to wait and see whether many people follow through on her suggestion.