NEW: The Most Social-Justicy SJWs Part Two – Meet the All-Wahs

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By Louise Mensch | 12:37 pm, May 5, 2016

Connie St. Louis 

St. Louis lied about Sir Tim Hunt in Seoul, falsely reporting that Hunt had seriously argued for sex-segregated labs. The resulting furore exposed the Nobel prize-winner to a tsunami of SJW hate. Sir Tim was utterly vindicated when the Royal Society restored him to its working party and the President of the British Science Association, Professor Dame Athene Donald, vouched that the reporting was wrong and that Hunt was no sexist.

St. Louis falsely reported that Hunt was not joking when she knew he was:

that he sat to ‘shocked silence’ when it was applause and laughter, and so forth. Eventually a tape emerged of the audience laughing, and your humble correspondent revealed that his hosts at the lunch requested that he address the exact same science conference the same night.

St. Louis became a despised laughing stock in the UK as Sir Tim Hunt became a national treasure. Justice – and not the social kind.

Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn

Anita’s stupid videos about alleged sexism in video games kicked off the Gamergate controversy which maligned and slandered the gaming community of young men. Quinn became synonymous with the way the media takes any old fauxminist bullshit at face value.

Zoe Quinn, who joined Anita in the Gamer smear, is one of the reasons your humble correspondent started this website. #NotYourShield

Oh shit – waddup?


Jack Dorsey

Oh Jack Jack Jack. Shadowbanning #NeverTrump. Taking Milo’s blue tick away. Censoring Adam Baldwin because he so correctly said pro-GG were more attractive and joyous than anti-GG. Sending Twitter profits tanking as half of us who have fun on Twitter have less fun.

Not me though. I’m addicted. I CAN’T QUIT YOU! I CAN’T QUIT YOU!

The beard was dope though.


Tracy Fullerton

The USC Director canceled a ‘Legends of Gaming’ panel four hours before it was due to start because it had no women. She said she was ‘on the right side of history’. Well, no. She wasn’t. She was just screwing over female gaming students at USC because fauxminism is anti-penis. Which is bad evolutionary science. How about this Tracy? There are hardly any decent game devs who are women compared to men. The next generation is coming through USC. But you just screwed them over. Thanks for helping even fewer women to get careers that make them worthy of inclusion on a ‘Legends of Gaming’ panel. You, however, are now a ‘Legend of Fauxminism’  and made today’s nominees!