New Book: Lena Dunham is ‘Face of Millennial Entitlement’

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By Heat Street Staff | 12:32 pm, February 28, 2017

Lena Dunham chaotic personal life, which revolves around hapless buffoonery and embarrassing apology, keeps us entertained and her off the streets.

Recent incidents include the Girls creator taking—and swiftly deleting—a toilet selfie and embarking on an ill-fated retreat to the Arizona wilderness following the Presidential election defeat of her beloved Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

But a new study of modern privilege argues that Dunham’s wacky woke antics, far from being random mishaps, amount to a meticulously-created masterplan on behalf of the Girls creator to build up a brand that generates attention and profits.

In new book The Perils of “Privilege”, New York-based academic Phoebe Maltz Bovy write of Dunham: “She’s made unexamined privilege (which is to say, painstakingly examined privilege) her brand…she’s the think-piece face of millennial entitlement,which if nothing else, keeps her in the news.”

Bovy continues: “Lena Dunham apologizes for…” is a veritable genre. To be the symbol of the issue of the moment is surely exhausting, but she has, if not sought that out, found a way to make being so profitable.”

The book, which is released March 14th, also criticizes colleges for suffering from “privilege sensitivity”. Bovy writes:  “A veneer of hypersensitivity allows tremendous on-the-ground insensitivity to flourish. American colleges and universities are intensely privilege aware, at every level.

“And they become more privilege conscious by the day. Further privilege sensitivity has become the default answer to all problems, yet winds up making things worse. It does so by increasing the cost of college; by constantly alerting less-privileged students to their status; and by creating this new trait “privilege awareness,” which is, by definition, only available to those with privilege about which they may be aware.

“A focus on ‘privilege’…creates problems for the schools, because it keeps placing them in the news as sites of grievous harm.”

Lena Dunham sure can identify with that syndrome!