Milo Yiannopoulos Slams Ariana Grande As ‘Stupid’, ‘Pro-Islam’ Following Manchester Attack

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:21 am, May 24, 2017

Conservative flame-thrower Milo Yiannopoulos triggered everyone on social media, including his most loyal followers, yesterday after he launched a tirade against singer Ariana Grande for being “terrifying” and “pro-Islam” less than 24 hours after the Manchester terror attack that left at least 22 people dead and 59 injured.

The former Breitbart editor, known for his nasty public feuds with liberal celebrities (like as with Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, for which he kicked off of Twitter) attacked Grande in a series of posts on Facebook on Monday night.

The 32-year old provocateur called her “too stupid” to wise up and tell the truth to her “European fans about the real threats to their freedom and their lives,” referring to the seemingly never-ending wave of Islamic terrorism that has swept the continent in the last year.

“She will remain ferociously pro-immigrant, pro-Islam and anti-America. Makes you wonder whether they bombed to attack her or in solidarity.”

In another one, he likened the pop singer to Linda Sarsour, one of the leaders of the Women’s March on DC and a prominent anti-Israel activist and sharia law defender.

Yiannopoulos is holding an anti-Sarsour protest, dubbed “Protest Terror with Milo” in New York City tomorrow.

The 24-year old singer, who is the second most followed celebrity on Instagram and also has a huge following on Twitter, said Monday she felt “broken” and “so, so sorry” about the massacre that happened during her concert at the Manchester Arena.

She has since remained quiet, as the whole city went into mourning.

To which Yiannopoulos responded: “When will Ariana Grande stop feeling sorry for herself and condemn Islamic terror?”

But these gratuitous jibes were a bit much, even for Milo’s devoted audience.

“People got murdered at her concert and she had to bear witness to it. I think that’s enough shit talk about her for now. Regardless of her past, no one is gonna come out alright after seeing shit like that” wrote Shane Tompkins, whose Facebook profile says he’s an operation specialist in the U.S. Navy.

“That’s low Milo, even for you” wrote Jason Healy. The depths you will go to for a bit of publicity. On the backs of children. You sir are a disgrace. Kids deaths shouldn’t come into a spat between you and a singer.”

“She’s an entertainer and she entertains children.Take a chill pill and post about the lives lost as opposed to assigning blame to the poor girl” wrote Gary Buckman.

In the aftermath of the tragic event, savvy internet diggers attacked Grande as being “anti- American” after a video of her from July 2015 in which she is seen licking doughnuts in a doughnut shop and saying “I hate Americans” and “I hate America” resurfaced.

Grande defended herself saying her remarks were meant to make a point on how easily silly Americans eat food without thinking of the consequences it can have on their health and “society as a whole,” and that they were taken out of context.