Millennial News Site: ‘Insta-Sitting’ Is the New Manspreading

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:38 pm, December 21, 2016
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Forget duck lips. The new hip social-media pose to hate on is the “Insta-sit,” which apparently entails tucking one leg up and leaving the other dangling down.  The millennial entertainment and news site Elite Daily is dubbing the Insta-sit the new manspread.

This new stance “lengthens limbs and shows off tans,” raved the Sun, and it’s also a “hugely flattering pose… a fool-proof way of slimming limbs in pictures,” gushed a blogger at the Deccan Chronicle.

But it’s also problematic—at least according to Elite Daily, which dubbed the social-media phenomenon “basically manspreading.”

The rest of the piece doubles down on the Insta-sit hate. “Something’s just a bit… off about the whole thing,” writer Oliver McAteer declares. “It’s kind of like an awkward man-spread. It looks like all you need to do to pull this pose off is get into a bikini, fold one leg in towards the inner thigh of your other, hunch over and cock your head like a sad puppy.”

Manspreading, as we reported earlier this month, isn’t going anywhere.

And Twitter shows that the patriarchy (at least two representatives of it) have claimed the Insta-sit as their own.

We’ll call the trend official when there are subway ads denouncing it.