Mike Cernovich Threatens to Sue White House For Not Receiving Press Pass, Maintains Emotional Control

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By William Hicks | 2:24 pm, April 25, 2017
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Update 2: Cernovich’s press pass was approved. Crisis averted!


Update: Since publication Cernovich deleted his tweets about being rejected a White House day pass. A White House source said Cernovich missed the deadline for a weekly or daily pass and was asked to re-apply. 


Mike Cernovich, Gorilla Mindset, America’s leading mindset (and juice) expert threatened to sue the White House press office after he was not given a White House press day pass.

Applying for a day pass to cover a White House press conference is actually pretty easy and awarded to most bloggers and journalists who apply, even from small outlets. Day passes are awarded directly by the administration. A day pass is much different then a “hard pass,” which allows for a permanent spot in the White House press corp.

Other pro-Trump “alternative media” bloggers like Lauren Southern and Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich have successful applied for day passes. Cernovich’s case appears to be an outlier.

Cernovich claimed on Periscope that the press office was giving him a bureaucratic rigamarole, saying they lost his papers or were behind in the process.  The mindset expert then did what he did best: video stream live on Periscope, ranting for hours.

On video, he claimed he would sue the White House press office and subpoena all their communications about him if his day pass was not given out.

“I’ll fucking sue, and I’ll subpoena every mother fucker in the media team,” he said on Periscope. “How far do you want to take this shit. I will sue and then I will depose everybody, under oath. Hey, sit the fuck down motherfucker!”

Cernovich further speculated that his press day pass could have been denied because he made fun of Sean Spicer or was too pro-Steve Bannon. Also, earlier this month on Periscope he had speculated about running in the 2020 Republican primary against Trump.

After ranting about suing the White House, Cernovich appeared to walk it back and claimed it may all just be a misunderstanding.

Despite being an unhinged conspiracy theorist who promoted Pizzagate and routinely accuses random people of being pedophiles sans evidence, Cernovich actually had some big scoops in the past month. For instance, a White House leaker gave him inside info about allegations that Susan Rice “unmasked” Trump officials in intelligence reports. 

This comes on the same day Breitbart was denied permanent Capitol Hill press credentials by the U.S. Senate Daily Press Gallery, a panel of journalists who determine which news organization receives credentials.

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