Middlebury Students Who Led Brutal Attack to Block Conservative Speaker Get Slap on Wrist

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By Joe Simonson | 6:39 pm, May 23, 2017

In an official press release, Middlebury College detailed how it disciplined the students who assaulted conservative writer and social scientist Charles Murray and professor of politics and economics Allison Stanger during a speaking appearance two months ago.

So what happens if you beat up a female professor you don’t agree with at Middlebury? Not much, really.

After college investigators “reviewed photographic and video evidence of events and gathered multiple eyewitness statements and other accounts,” administrators finally figured out how they’d punish the spoiled brats. A total of 67 students received “sanctions ranging from probation to official college discipline, which places a permanent record in the student’s file.”  In other words, Middlebury students got their way—Murray was silenced and other professors learned what happens if you fuck with the liberal, student mafia.

In case you forgot, back in March Middlebury students swarmed a planned lecture by Murray and Professor Stanger (a liberal who is nonetheless dedicated to the free exchange of ideas) and attempted to shut it down with cries of racism and white supremacy.  As the two were fleeing campus, Stanger was brutally attacked and later hospitalized for a neck injury.

Yep: A bunch of spoiled brats put a woman in the hospital for opening her mouth.  This isn’t a trailer park, it’s Middlebury College.

But, hey, don’t worry.  According to the college’s statement, “some graduate schools and employers require individuals to disclose official college discipline in their applications.”  I’ve never heard of this practice.  When I got in trouble with campus safety for drunkenly lighting off fireworks one Saturday night with my fraternity brothers, the last thing anyone was worried about was how this might affect my future job prospects.

Charles Murray

And who is Middlebury kidding by acting like graduate programs might care about this?  Who do you think encourages this kind of behavior?  We know how a lot of Professor Stanger’s colleagues really felt about the incident.  They were ashamed, not because of the students’ disruptions, but by the fact that their colleague had the nerve to invite a conservative on their precious, $60,000-plus-a-year campus.

Oh, and if you were hoping that the local police would bring justice, think again.  The Middlebury Police Department “said it has been unable to identify any specific individual responsible for the injuries sustained by Stanger.”

In other words, the college wanted to protect the little revolutionaries’ precious asses. Despite being able to identify “a number of people who were in the crowd of more than 20 people outside the event venue,” the Addison County State Attorney “determined that there was insufficient information to charge any specific person who participated in damaging the car or interfering with or blocking the car’s progress as it exited the parking lot.”

Talk about privilege.

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