Furious Middlebury Students Mob ‘Bell Curve’ Author, Professor Ends Up in ER

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By Joe Simonson | 10:05 am, March 3, 2017

What happened to kids just cutting class when they didn’t want to hear a lecture?

The protest by Middlebury College students against Charles Murray Wednesday evening got so out of hand that college administrators had to move the libertarian author and scholar to a private room for an online streaming session instead.

The event intended to feature Murray discussing his landmark 2012 book “Coming Apart,” and a subsequent conversation with two members of the college’s faculty. Murray was invited by members of the college’s American Enterprise Institute Club.

Murray is a lightning rod for those on the left, with some accusing him of espousing racist ideas. His earlier book “The Bell Curve” argued that I.Q. tests are a good measure of intelligence and asserted that intelligence is mostly about genetics. His more recent book, “Coming Apart,” makes the case that the white working class is no longer enfranchised in America, and now suffers from high levels of illegitimacy, crime and joblessness.

Shortly after Murray was introduced at Middlebury, the room exploded with student chants like: “Leave our school!” “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray go  away!” “Who is the enemy? White supremacy!” Faculty and administrators can be seen in the video silently watching students sabotage the event.

Protesters swarmed Murray and a female professor as they were leaving the campus, resulting in the professor being hospitalized for a neck injury.  She was released the same evening.

The college’s vice president of communications, Bill Burger, released the following statement about the attack:

“The act appeared to be committed by non-Middlebury students,” said Burger. “They were wearing masks and are believed to be from outside of the Middlebury community who came specifically to the event as agitators.”

Here’s one of the agitators who interrupted the initial event:


After the 20-minute therapy session, a college administrator approached the crowd and announced that the event would be live-streamed from a private location free of androgynous agitators.

Middlebury is one of the most expensive colleges in the country. According to its web site, tuition and housing cost $63,917 a year.