Marquette U Staff Allegedly Trying to Kill Attendance at Ben Shapiro Event

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:53 pm, January 31, 2017

According to Young America’s Foundation, employees of Marquette University’s gender studies department are actively trying to quell attendance at Ben Shapiro’s upcoming lecture at the school.

Chrissy Nelson, a program assistant in Marquette’s “Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies” and one of Marquette’s “directors of diversity,” took to Facebook Monday to suggest that students and faculty who wanted to shut down Shapiro flood the event’s page with false RSVPs so that interested students would be unable to get tickets.

Nelson’s co-conspirator Susannah Bartlow is a former Marquette professor, who was fired in 2015 for allowing her students to paint a mural in the Gender and Sexuality Center’s resource room depicting convicted murderer and wanted domestic terrorist, Assata Shakur.

Nelson went on to say that she would encourage her students do pursue this course of action, and that she would help organize a protest for the day after the event—so that she and her colleagues wouldn’t attract the attention DePaul University did when it refused to let Shapiro even step foot on its campus.

Fearful that Shapiro would be able to use their actions to illustrate the curbing of free speech on campus (like he did with DePaul), apparently, the directors of diversity—Nelson mentions that she’s spoken to at least one other—decided to make the silencing effort covert.

Unfortunately, Nelson chose the very public forum of social media to build support for her crusade.

Shapiro says that he’s now well aware of Marquette’s plans and intends to show up, even if he now has to speak to an empty room.

Requests for comment from Marquette’s office of Public Relations were not returned.