Liberals and Feminists Furious as Margaret Thatcher Tops BBC Female Power List

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:01 am, December 14, 2016

Margaret Thatcher has been honoured as the most powerful and influential woman of the past 70 years by the BBC, sending the SJW world into a tailspin.

Feminists and left-wingers alike decried the Corporation for choosing Britain’s first female Prime Minister as the leading figure on their Woman’s Hour Power List.

Six female judges hailed Thatcher as a “female warrior leader” and said it was inspirational and symbolic to have had a woman leading the country.

Online commentators reacted with disbelief, especially when they realised that the BBC – usually beyond criticism – had spent their license fee money compiling the list.

One particularly unpleasant response depicted a cartoon figure sexually violating the former Prime Minister’s grave:

Several of the BBC’s other choices also riled progressive sensibilities.

Germaine Greer, the iconic feminist author, took third place – an award which incensed people who consider her a “terf” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) because she does not consider post-operative transsexuals to be “real” women.

Bridget Jones – the fictional character famed for her diaries – was hailed as a “flawed heroine” by the BBC, who were in turn savaged for not giving the space to somebody who actually exists.

Beyoncé, the famed pop artist with links to sweat shops, and a far more traditional choice of mainstream feminist icon, scraped into the list at seventh place.