Linda Sarsour Is the Last Person Who Should Be Lecturing Us About the Plight of LGBT People in America

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By Joe Simonson | 10:29 pm, June 11, 2017
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If you’re bored on a Sunday night and aren’t sufficiently angry from whatever political grievance you might hold, I suggest taking a look at Linda Sarsour’s Twitter account. From afar, everything looks relatively benign.  This weekend, the Palestinian-American activist commemorated the year anniversary of the horrendous Pulse Nightclub shooting, which left 49 dead and 58 wounded.

As was repeatedly noted shortly after the incident, the target of the attack—a literal “safe space” for Orlando’s gay community—was clearly deliberate.  The more we learned about the perpetrator, Omar Mateen, the more we learned about how he had a psychotic hatred for homosexuals, part of which was fueled by his devotion to a radical interpretation of Islamic theology.

Thus when someone like Sarsour, whose history of praising sharia law (and therefore the persecution of gays) and nations that routinely imprison and murder homosexuals is well documented, begins lecturing everyone on the hardships the LGBTQ community faces in the United States,  one must raise an eyebrow. While  it’s important to honor the dead and remember that some of America’s most vulnerable can be targets for Islamic terror, that’s all the credit Sarsour can get.

How can one rectify her supposed sympathy for hate crime victims with the political ideology and theology she constantly preaches, which directly contradicts with her various hashtags and supposed commitments to equality?

The facts don’t lie: In dozens of Islamic-majority countries, homosexuality remains a crime.  Caught loving the wrong person in Saudi Arabia or Yemen and you could get the death penalty (although imprisonment or some form of public humiliation is more likely).

An anti-Sarsour protest.

While Sarsour’s niceties can be appreciated—that’s all they are.  For a woman so supposedly devoted to equality and human rights, it’d be nice if she said something about the communities she claims to represent.  For someone who wants to talk about the plight of the Palestinians, where’s her alarm about the fact that homosexuality remains illegal (and possibly a capital offense, depending on whom you ask) in the West Bank and Gaza?

It’s important to note that Sarsour isn’t just some random woman on the Internet. Yes, she makes a fantastic boogeyman for right-wing critics of radical Islam and sharia law, but mostly because of the welcoming she consistently receives from liberal activists.

Conservatives weren’t the ones who made her the national co-chair of the Women’s March and they aren’t responsible for the dozens of speeches and discussions where she bashes the United States and Israel while lauding the Islamic community’s treatment of women.

An Indonesian man gets caned in public for having gay sex, which is against Sharia law on May 23, 2017, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)


I’ve written before about how there are undoubtedly millions of young, intelligent, Muslim American women who can act as a spokesperson for America’s Islamic community.  Yet instead of embracing moderate voices, the left insists that we listen to the most obnoxious (and frankly despicable) person in the room.

If liberals are truly committed to multiculturalism and tolerance, why don’t they find someone who’s actually devoted to those causes?  Do they seriously want the face of a misunderstood minority to be a caricature of its worst impulses?  So far, that’s what they got.

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