Trump’s Enemies Enraged His ‘Tragic’ Cameos Are Ruining their Favorite Holiday Films

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:39 pm, December 29, 2016
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Donald Trump’s film and TV cameos now make for the stuff of interesting Presidential trivia to rank alongside the fact that JFK wrote an unpublished spy novel or that George H.W. Bush despised broccoli.

In his capacity as a business mogul, Trump pops up in just under 20 film and TV shows including Sex and the City and Zoolander.  He also made brief appearances in two holiday favorites, The Little Rascals, the 1994 family feature film based on the beloved TV short movies of the 1920s and 30s, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York , in which Macaulay Culkin once again gets abandoned at Christmas.

Both movies are TV and home entertainment holiday fixtures but die-hard liberals are now claiming Trump’s cameos are ruining them for all time.

In The Little Rascals, Trump played the father of spoiled rich kid Waldo. Trump offers encouragement to Waldo on the phone while he is in the middle of a go-kart race, telling him ,”Waldo, you’re the best son money can buy.”

He also appears in a scene in the film’s end credits, stealing popcorn from the woman sat next to him:

Many on social media say The Little Rascals has been spoiled:

In Home Alone 2, Trump’s role is even briefer. He gives Macaulay Culkin’s stranded character Kevin McAllister, who is lost inside New York’s Plaza Hotel which Trump then owned, directions on how to go to the lobby:

Once again SJWs who adore Home Alone 2 as much as they hate Trump are freaking out. It’s probably just as well Home Alone creator John Hughes is no longer alive to see what people are now saying about his film:

Some are even conflating Trump’s cameos in both movies with his political career:

All of this begs the question: if people are freaking out so much about Trump’s cameos in Home Alone 2 and The Little Rascals, how are they going to cope with the next four years?