Liberals Enraged About Canada’s Plan to Build ‘Victims of Communism’ Memorial

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By William Hicks | 9:43 pm, May 21, 2017
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The city of Ottawa, Canada will erect a large, bronze memorial to honor the “victims of communism.” The $3 million project is expected to be completed in 2018, and was planned by the country’s former Conservative government.

Despite the fact that the monument will memorialize tens of millions who died over the last century (Stalin, for instance, is believed to have killed more people than Hitler. Similarly millions of Chinese died in Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”), some on the left are peeved about the new monument. The tankies are out in full force, demanding a memorial for the victims of capitalism, colonialism and the United States, instead.

Reddit’s Canada community erupted in a heated argument in the comment thread under the news of the memorial.

“I meant a government going after another political ideology,” one user wrote. “That’s McCarthyist-era. It’s like whoever thought this up just fell asleep in 1960 and woke up today and doesn’t understand why people aren’t still rallying against communists anymore.”

“Should we be creating a memorial to capitalism as well?” wrote another. “The British East India company (one of the early multinationals) killed an estimated 10 million Indians over ten years.”

Whelp, just goes to show you that even a memorial honoring the death of millions will still have complainers.