Liberal CBS Corporation Signs $250,000 Book Deal with Alt-Right Icon Milo

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:16 pm, December 29, 2016

Alt-right icon Milo Yiannopoulos has just signed a $250,000 book deal with Simon & Schuster publishing house, a division of CBS, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

News that Milo’s upcoming book entitled Dangerous will be published by famously left-leaning CBS, not to mention the not insubsubstantial sum of money they’re reportedly paying him, will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers in the organization.

Many CBS employees — especially those at CBS News — will be decidedly uneasy at the fact that the author of articles headlined “Sorry, Girls! But the Smartest People in the World Are All Men”, “Here’s Why the Progressive Left Keeps Sticking Up for Paedophiles” and “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”, and whose pronouncements include “Feminism is cancer”, will be drawing coin from the company till.

Dangerous is thought to be autobiographical in nature and will cover Milo’s tempestuous campus speaking tour and getting ejected from Twitter for supposedly inciting followers to racially bait Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

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Milo’s typically brazen statement announcing the news, which interestingly was broken in The Hollywood Reporter, rather than Breitbart where he is still Tech Editor, won’t soothe tensions inside CBS: “I met with top execs at Simon & Schuster earlier in the year and spent half an hour trying to shock them with lewd jokes and outrageous opinions. I thought they were going to have me escorted from the building — but instead they offered me a wheelbarrow full of money.”

All hell is predictably breaking loose among liberals on the Internet at the news and Simon & Schuster’s Wikipedia page was briefly hacked Thursday afternoon to declare it “supported the KKK”.

CBS’s liberal bias has itself been the subject of not one but two books. Ex-reporter Sharyl Attkisson detailed how CBS News cozies up to the Obama administration in her 2014 expose Stonewalled and ex-reporter Bernard Goldberg’s hit pay dirt in 2001 with his number one bestseller, Bias. The current president of CBS News, David Rhodes, is the brother of President Obama’s chief foreign policy guru, Ben Rhodes. Perhaps CBS’ surprise affection for Milo is explained by the attitude of its chief executive, Les Moonves, a lifelong Democrat, who famously commented earlier this year that the rise of Donald Trump “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

Milo’s book, which is being published by Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will be out in March. It won’t be his first book. He self-published a book of poetry in 2007 entitled Eskimo Papoose under the name Milo Andreas Wagner. He also announced an unrealized intention a year ago to write a book about the Gamergate controversy.