Lena Dunham Posts Crude Cat Instagram Selfie to Cap off a Miserable 2016

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:20 pm, December 30, 2016

Two viral phenomena of our age have converged: Lena Dunham being vile and cats on the internet.

Capping off in cat-astrophic fashion a horrendous 2016 in which Dunham has been forced to apologize for fantasizing about having an abortion, posted a disgusting toilet selfie,  compared the election to her sex life and generally shamed America, the Girls actress-writer has now posed on Instagram in a suggestive black feline outfit showing off her nipples with another person’s hands cupping her breast and pubic area.

She ends her message– ostensibly promoting her cat-themed new podcast but written in a rambling fashion that would put a 9-year-old’s English assignment to shame– with a series of rude cat puns playing on the word “pussy”: “Above, some amazing cats that I have known/owned/been 😻 #pussyofthehour#strictlypussy #notavaginapuninsight

Lena is upset at Hillary Clinton’s election defeat and probably a little sad that her HBO comedy Girls will come to an end in 2017 (some of us are not so glum about that but that’s another story).

Is it too much to ask that in 2017, when it comes to her immature, tasteless and offensive social media posts that she not let the cat out of the bag with such frequency?