Lena Dunham Hits Rock Bottom With Vile Toilet Selfie

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By Heat Street Staff | 12:59 pm, December 6, 2016
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UPDATE (12/7/16): Heat Street can report that Lena Dunham has deleted her toilet selfie, citing the “kind of world we live in.” Stay tuned as the woke celeb’s meltdown continues.


Call it Lena Dunham’s tempest in a toilet bowl.

The socially aware star and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter never shies away from flashing her bits upon us at every opportunity.

But now Lena has shocked even the most jaded observers, after she shared a snap of herself Monday night slouched on the toilet, underwear pulled down, pouting loutishly at the camera as she presumably performs a bodily function.

The 30 year-old took to Instagram to share this intimate moment with her 2.8 million followers.

In it, she is seen posing with her thighs slightly ajar and her hands between her legs in a suggestive gesture, as she (presumably) relieves herself and flushes away her sorrows about Donald Trump.

Admitting that her boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, took the picture, she said in the caption: ‘ model citizen — photo by @jackantonoff who may regret having essentially married me (it would be very hard to detangle our assets).’

As some Twitter users noted, Lena seemed to have spiraled downwards since the general election, sharing increasingly unsavory details of her life with members of the general public, even as she also lectures them on politics and social justice.

Recently, Dunham posted a series of drunken video rants on Instagram, in which the raging feminist called herself as “a human wastebasket” and “wastoid” after drinking one and a half glasses of wine. She has attributed her begotten state to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the general election.