Lena Dunham Calls Herself a ‘Human Wastebasket’ in Drunken Video Rant

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:16 pm, December 1, 2016
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Woke celebrity Lena Dunham has sought refuge in the Arizona wilderness in an effort to manage her emotions in response to the presidential election. It doesn’t seem to working.

Dunham posted a series of drunken, late-night video rants on Instagram this week, in which the feminist icon describes herself as “a human wastebasket” after drinking one and a half glasses of wine.

“I’m literally a wastoid,” she says in a video posted via Instagram’s new Story function. “I’m a human wastebasket. I’m wasted. One a half glasses of wine.”

In another video, Dunham offers to “share a few special details” about her pajamas, or “chic bed outfit” as she describes it. The outfit included a “beautiful necklace” given to her by actor/director Ryan Piers Williams, which includes the inscription: “I’m not sorry about your fragile masculinity.”

The woke celeb also discusses having procured a new dog with her boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, with whom Dunham has previously described sharing a tearful embrace on the night Hillary Clinton conceded defeat to Donald Trump in the U.S presidential election.

Dunham is considered a “woke” celeb because, among other reasons, she identifies as a feminist and agrees that serving sushi in a college dining hall is an example of “cultural appropriation.” Dunham campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton during the election, and has expressed her concern that a “predator will soon be residing in the White House.”

Dunham embarked on a so-called “spirit quest” in the Arizona wilderness to seek “guidance” after the election.

The celeb appeared to be in good spirits during her “restorative” getaway, and even announced that she had found a new “safe space” — looking at pictures of dogs forced to pose with magic crystals on their heads.