‘Submissive Princess’ Lena Dunham Wears a Dog Collar In Bizarre Social Media Post

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:45 pm, January 8, 2017
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Lena Dunham’s post-election meltdown is showing no signs of letting up in the new year. The woke celebrity continues to express her anguish at the election of “terrifying” “predator” Donald Trump by doing gross, bizarre things and documenting them on social media.

Over the weekend, for example, Dunham posted a photo of herself wearing a dog collar on her Instagram account, which currently has almost 3 million followers. In the accompanying caption, Dunham acknowledged that the black studded collar, which features the phrase “I [heart] L D,” was meant for a dog. But that didn’t stop her from wearing it.

“I’m kind of feeling the look for myself,” Dunham wrote. “Teen queen/submissive princess vibes.” Whatever that means.

The bizarre post comes less than a week after Dunham, for no apparent reason, uploaded a photo of herself pulling down her blouse to reveal her breasts. At least she was wearing a bra this time.

Last month, Dunham hit a new low when she posted a vile “toilet selfie” in which she posed while appearing to use the facilities in a fancy bathroom stall. A week earlier, she posted a series of incoherent video in which she appeared to be drunk and described herself as a “human wastebasket.”

In that same video, Dunham discussed the new dog she had adopted with her boyfriend, presumably the dog for whom the collar was intended. Dunham has previously expressed her affinity for looking a pictures of dogs who have been forced to pose with magic crystals on top of their heads.