Left-Wingers Furious After Accidentally Buying Spoof Book Titled ‘Why Socialism Works’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 5:30 am, June 28, 2017

A new guide on the wonders of socialism titled “Why Socialism Works” has left lovers of the Left in a fury after they discovered that every one of its 169 pages sums up the political orthodoxy with the simple two-word message: “It doesn’t”.

“Why Socialism Works”, written by Harrison Lievesley, is a parody book – one of a growing number of increasingly popular reads that make fun of a particular political belief by leaving the pages either empty or, as in this case, containing just one sentence. It is being sold online, meaning those who thought they were buying an earnest critique of the capitalist model were left looking pretty stupid.

Back of the book with Nigel Farage.

In addition, the back of the book features a small picture of Nigel Farage, former leader of the pro-Brexit party UKIP and something of a hate-figure in Left-wing circles.

Lately, books such as “Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” and “A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era” have been a sales hit, even attaining “best-seller status” despite containing just blank pages.

Some buyers of the spoof book on socialism were disappointed with their purchase after finding out they had been tricked, lashing out in the reviews section on Amazon.

Jane Collins, a verified buyer, gave just one star to the book, saying “Absolute piss take I am furious as each page just says it doesn’t !!!! Sending crap back”.

A reviewer named “Mr A Brown” claimed the book is “just another sad trolling attempt by the alt right”, while Charles Vivian, another person tricked into buying the book thinking it’s an extensive read on socialism, called it “A stupid patronising book.”

Although several people showed buyer’s remorse, “Why Socialism Works” has attracted overwhelmingly positive reviews. “I found this to be an utterly gripping account of this complex ideology. My favourite pages were 12-14, 36, 78 and 110-114,” wrote one reviewer who gave 5 stars to the book.

“Absolutely gripping reading, I couldn’t put it down!” seconded another. Sarah Louisa, meanwhile, suggested the book is an essential read for the fans of the leader of UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

“Fabulous book. Very straightforward analysis of Socialism. If you are a Jeremy Corbyn fan this is essential reading. A perfect introduction to Socialism that gets straight to the crux of the matter without any messing around. In depth research backs up the argument presented. Top notch!” wrote the reviewer.