Leaked Chat Shows Reddit Admins Conspiring to Censor Pro-Trump Subreddit

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 8:00 am, November 24, 2016
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An internal chat log between Reddit admins and the company’s CEO Steve Huffman has been leaked showing them discussing how to censor a pro-Trump subreddit, which has a membership of more than 300,000.

The leak comes after the subreddit dedicated to the entirely fake “Pizzagate” conspiracy, promoted by pro-Trump users, who may well in fact be Russian trolls, was shut down by Reddit.  Huffman was caught editing user comments made on /r/the_donald, the premiere Donald Trump fan page on the site, to remove disparaging remarks about him. This was quickly noticed by some users, prompting an admission by Huffman.

Now a concerned Reddit moderator has leaked an internal team chat log on Slack platform showing a discussion about what should be done with the trouble-making Donald Trump subreddit.

One Reddit team member said: “I’m not saying what [Reddit CEO Steve Huffman] did was right, it wasn’t. But I think it illustrates how fed up nearly EVERYONE is with TD [The_Donald subreddit]. As much trouble as they have caused us, I can see why someone would snap and take an action that was ill-advised.”

“If I had the power… who knows what I might have done to them by now,” the person added.

Another member said: “Point is, just because he messed up and made reddit look bad doesn’t mean he can’t still make the right move and ban them”.

Reddit CEO Huffman also weighed into the discussion, saying “bring back pao,” referring to the ex-CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao, who sparked all-out user revolt after she closed down numerous subreddits. The revolt led to her resigning from her job.

Reddit’s team members continued urging Huffman to ban Trump’s fan page, with one claiming: “The admins have already lost integrity for this. what will they lose if they ban T_D now, their integrity?”

Huffman replied saying “I think we need to figure out t_D without banning them, [because] there will be another.”

“Quarantine, adjust their vote weights subtly, shoot them into space,” team member suggested.

Is this the beginning of another Reddit revolt?