Laci Green Talks About Two Genders And Feminists Accuse Her of Giving a ‘Platform to Bigots’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 12:13 pm, June 22, 2017

Popular YouTuber Laci Green has been making waves on social media ever since she came out swinging against her former feminist allies, who turned on her for dating Chris Maldonado—better known as Chris Ray Gun, a popular anti-social justice warrior. She was even doxed. In recent tweets, Green revealed how her allies, bullied her into silence whenever she stepped out of line.

Green released a new video this week titled “How Many Freakin Genders,” where she waded through the murky topic of gender, presenting it from three different perspectives: anti-feminists, who treat gender as biology; radical feminists, who regard gender as a system; and liberal feminists—or progressives—who treat gender as an identity that’s infinite and expanding.

“How are we all looking at the same thing and coming to such wildly different conclusions about it? That’s the question, right? For starters, I’m not convinced that we are all looking at the same thing. Genitals, specifically.”

In the first of two videos, Green lays out the arguments made by critics of progressivism who believe that gender is rooted in the biological functions of sex. She extrapolates on the various biological elements that determine gender, like hormones, chromosomes, primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

The video is innocuous in its exploration of gender, but questioning the progressive narrative was enough to garner Green a flood of hate on social media.

“She, by positioning herself as an arbitrator, sells a service, that is to say ‘this point of view is valid,’” wrote @cambrian_era, who took issue with Green’s decision to offer science-supporting “anti-feminists” a platform for their views on gender. “You can say you support, say, trans rights all day long but if your day job is giving a platform to bigots, then we can call bulls**t. These people run moral laundering schemes, taking harmful positions and making them seem like reasonable ones because THEY said it.”

User @IviaRelle wrote: “I used to love Laci Green’s work. Now her actions are actively causing and enabling others to cause harm to me and people I love. F**k that.”

Social justice YouTuber Kevin Logan, who spends his days against anti-feminists, posted a response video to Green to call the video “pandering shite.”

Hot takes weren’t limited to social justice warriors, either. Matthew Drake, a far-right supporter who posts “Defend Europa” memes on Twitter falsely claimed that Green gave a “roman salute,” helping to perpetuate the narrative that the popular YouTuber is now courting white supremacists.

Green is literally Hitler, apparently.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.