KitchenAid Under Fire for ‘Sexist’ New Line of Sparkly Pink Products

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By Emily Zanotti | 7:41 pm, March 20, 2017

Small electrics manufacturer KitchenAid was just trying to do a nice thing: introduce a line of products to support women stricken with breast cancer. A percentage of the sale of each sparkly magenta mixer and toaster would go to the UK charity Breast Cancer Haven.

Sadly, KitchenAid did not realize that it now has the Internet to contend with and its ad, with the tagline “KitchenAid for Women” over a display of decidedly feminine kitchen products, was immediately decried as “#EverydaySexism.”

Frankly, I find them downright adorable. Who wouldn’t be happier whipping up a batch of cake batter in a stand mixer that glistens in the light? And while margaritas already make me happy, I fully believe the thought of pouring out a tequila-based frozen drink from a pink blender would make my evening just that much better.

Of course, I don’t identify as a social justice warrior on the Internet, so I can be free to have both a sense of whimsy and hobbies that don’t involve being angry at everything all the time.

Hazel Davis’s crew, on the other hand, did not realize that ‘KitchenAid for Women” was a marketing slogan. They didn’t get that it was designed to convey that the company cared about women and their well-being as a gender, not “these are appliances designed specifically for women because we are horrible misogynists.”

On particularly obtuse Twitter account took KitchenAid to task for rolling the clock back to pre-historic times, before even modern gender norms were established: “I sort of like how this implies that kitchen supplies are typically for men.”

KitchenAid, to its credit, tried to head off the outrage, Tweeting: “This color edition to support @BreastCancerHaven in the UK. Pink as a symbol of hope. It raises awareness to find a cure!”

But it was for nothing, and KitchenAid, having already, accidentally declared its allegiance to the Patriarchy, was forced to issue an official apology and explanation.

“Our intention was to highlight the Cook for the Cure program, which gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support a meaningful cause,” a spokesperson told media. “The program raises funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. From pink products and celebrity chef auctions to home-based fundraising events.”

How dare they.