JOY Clothing Blasted for ‘Marriage Material’ Dress Ad

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By Emily Zanotti | 11:00 am, December 21, 2016

JOY Clothing is an “eclectic” online women’s and men’s boutique that specializes in bringing that “eccentric and achingly cool” British vibe to Americans looking to pretend they snagged their street style during a semester abroad in college.

But when JOY put together its seasonal lookbook for the holidays, it failed to realize that a global brand that appeal to millennial customers will have to navigate certain social justice pitfalls.

And it turns out that millennials across the globe really don’t like it when their hipster clothing brand suggests that women might be interested in impressing potential in-laws at Christmas, lest they one day be forced into that oppressive, patriarchal, gendered institution known as “marriage.”

The passage overlaying the (actually pretty cute) metallic midi dress reads, “Show your boyfriend’s mum you’re the girl to take care of her little prince in beautiful dresses that scream marriage material. Knee length skirts exude class while respectable necklines mean father-in-law won’t have a heart attack when you lean across the table for a second helping of roast potatoes.”

And the Internet cried “sexism!” Today’s modern women don’t have to impress anyone, and they’re happy being single! JOY’s Facebook page was quickly flooded with complaints.

Some users even tried to teach JOY a lesson.

Some even suggested that JOY rethink their regressive “heteronormativity.”

At last count, more than 100 unhappy women had taken to JOY’s Facebook wall to complain that they were unnecessarily triggered by an email campaign suggesting they should wear knee-length dresses to important life events.

Fortunately for JOY’s customers, they didn’t click through the email. If they had, they’d have been utterly floored at the rampant sexism and misogyny, and even possible suggestion of rape culture the pervades their products. One particularly outrageous sweater even suggests that you should kiss under the mistletoe. The horror!