Johnny Depp Is Lucky He’s a Democrat

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By Joe Simonson | 9:00 pm, June 23, 2017
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Poor Johnny Depp.  Despite earning more than $650 million over 13 or so years, he’s gone near broke.  While a rational person might try and cull his $2-million-a-month lifestyle, Depp apparently thought the best way to rehabilitate his image was to tell a half-edgy joke about killing the president.

It looks like death threats are the new sex tapes.  Just ask Kathy Griffin.

But it’s not like you or I could get away with making insinuations or direct threats against the president’s life. For starters, the Secret Service wouldn’t give us the benefit of the doubt because of our celebrity status.  Regular people aren’t allowed to make such jokes and use our eccentricity as cover.

Besides, even if the government decided not to investigate, the left wouldn’t let us live us down.  After all, look at what they’ve done to people guilty of far less.

In our first stop on our trip down Memory Lane, we find ourselves in Jefferson City at the annual Missouri State Fair where a rodeo clown received a lifetime ban after he wore a President Barack Obama mask.  After receiving blowback from Democratic state lawmakers, the fair put out a written statement lamenting the “unconscionable stunt.”


The Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge, the genocide in Darfur, the 2013 Missouri State Fair.  All great tragedies of modernity.

If only that poor rodeo clown had appeared in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, he might still have a job.

Lesser-known examples include a Houston news anchor who was fired back in November for expressing her belief that the United States had “become more violent and racist under the Obama administration” and blaming the former president for making “the entire country hate one another.”

A little kooky? Perhaps.  Worthy of permanent unemployment in her line of work? Absolutely not.

How about the GOP staffer who had to resign from her position as a communications director for Congressman Steve Fincher because she made a few rude comments about the way Malia and Sasha Obama dress?  Begging for the country’s forgiveness wasn’t humiliating enough, she had to lose her job, too.

There are countless other low-level government bureaucrats, businessmen and celebrities (remember Hank Williams Jr.? He’s only just now returning to Monday Night Football after he made a stupid comment comparing Obama to Hitler) who all had to pay dearly — literally — for offhand comments about the last president. None of them wished violence against him, but they all triggered a switch in liberals’ brains that made them bully the offender into submission.

To be clear: I don’t think Griffin or Depp deserve any sort of punishment for their inane stunts.  The principle of free speech doesn’t just mean the government should steer clear, it means that Americans shouldn’t try to inflict as much misery on one another just because someone lost control of their verbal filter for a minute.

At the same time, if some liberal celebrity tries to act like they’re the victim next time a bunch of Trump supporters try organizing a boycott for a tasteless joke, spare the pity.  Remember that the real victims of this kind of culture are mostly people you’ve never heard of.

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