Uproar Over ‘Care Package for Men’ Leads to Apology From Humble Bundle Charity

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By William Hicks | 2:19 pm, January 5, 2017
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Humble Bundle has risen to prominence, by selling consumers cheap products while raising money for charity. People can pay what they want on a bundle of items and the proceeds will go to a good cause.

What a great thing to happen on the Internet. It would be a shame if it so happened to be… problematic!

Yesterday’s book bundle was accused of being super sexist because it had a group of “self care” books called “Dude Care.” The bundle included books about barbecuing, day trading and bodybuilding.

Facebook users were offended because they thought that Humble Bundle was implying that those hobbies were only for men and erasing the fact women enjoy them too.

“I love what HB does. But I REALLY wish you didn’t gender a self-care package. Why do you need to gender this at all?” wrote one user. “Women also enjoy bodybuilding, cocktails, cooking, psychology, philosophy and being business savvy. If this is what you consider ‘Dude-Self-Care’ to be.. then I’m worried about what you would ascribe to women’s self care in reverse.”

“Why did you need to market this as ‘men’s stuff'”? wrote another. “Seriously? We live in 2016 not in 1900… very disappointing. I will not buy it, I can’t agree with stupid marketing like that.”

It must be noted that the comment was actually written in 2017, which is one year woker than 2016.

Humble Bundle buckled under the onslaught of outrage and completely cucked themselves with an apology:

Dear Humble friends, we hear and understand your concerns loud and clear. We’re sorry that this bundle suggests that any of the topics are for men only. We definitely believe that BBQ, day trading, and bodybuilding can be for dudes, dudettes, and everyone in between! We are making some changes and will do our best to help everyone feel included in the future.

So lesson learned, Humble Bundle. Don’t mention men. Don’t try to sell to men. Just pretend we are all genderless automatons with sheen, smooth pelvic regions.

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