Internet Legend ‘Hugh Mungus’ Is Running for Seattle City Council

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By William Hicks | 4:12 pm, March 19, 2017

American hero and viral sensation Rudy Pantoja Jr., aka “Hugh Mungus,” is running for a position on Seattle’s City Council, according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. 

Pantoja became Internet famous at Seattle City Hall when he was wrongly accused of sexual harassment for telling a woman his name was “Hugh Mungus.”

Pantoja then fell on hard times through sickness and poverty. The YouTube channel H3H3 Productions began a GoFundMe to help him out, and it raised a whopping $150,000 for his expenses.

Now it appears Pantoja is back on his feet and ready to make some changes in his hometown. He is running for the 8th seat on the Council following the incumbent’s retirement. He’s going to have some stiff competition from people like Mac McGregor, a gender, diversity and sex education activist known as the “Gender Sensei.”

Will Rudy be able to defeat the Gender Sensei and restore order to the land? One can only dream.

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