Insane Asylum Haunted Houses Are Being Ruined by the PC Police

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By William Hicks | 1:52 pm, October 25, 2016

Everyone knows the insane asylum is a classic horror aesthetic. Straight-jacketed patients, sadistic doctors, and creepy maze-like architecture are all f—king terrifying.

But did you know it’s also problematic and you should feel bad for liking it?

Yep, PC police across the country are trying to shut down insane asylum-themed haunted houses because they’re “ableist.” Mental health advocates want to reduce the stigma towards mental disorders, and to do that they want to remove all  insanity-related scariness from Halloween.

According to the Washington Post, a Carolinas haunted house at the hugely popular Carowinds amusement park was goaded into changing its asylum to an “urgent care unit,” that’s undoubtedly less scary. The company that owns Carowinds, Cedar Fair, was also forced to remove their “Asylum Island” attraction in Kansas and their FearVR:5150 virtual reality demo in Los Angeles.

Even larger companies like Six Flags are affected by the complaining. Their “Psycho-Path Haunted Asylum” was changed to “The Forgotten Laboratory” and the description on the “Massacre Medical Center” maze switched from “local asylum” to “local medical center.”

Smaller parks across the country are also seeing an uptick in pressure to change their haunted houses. And even some insanity-related Halloween costumes are getting pulled from shelves.

It’s almost universally accepted that asylums are far scarier than hospitals. These changes are sure to cause a quantitative reduction in overall Halloween fright across the nation.

And why can’t political correctness just ruin a holiday that no one cares about, like Flag Day, instead of targeting one of the most enjoyable nights of the year?

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