Infamous ‘Moss Man’ Burglar Arrested in Portland Anti-Trump Protests

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 2:49 pm, November 14, 2016

71 people were arrested in Portland during the fourth day of anti-Trump protests that saw police declaring the protests a riot, forcing them to use flash grenades and tear gas on demonstrators.

Among the arrested rioters, however, one person stands out: Gregory Thomas Liascos, who’s actually the infamous “Moss Man” burglar who tried robbing the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals back in 2010 disguised as a lump of moss.

According to Portland Police Bureau, Gregory Thomas Liascos, 42, was charged for disorderly conduct in the second degree during the anti-Trump riot.


Six years ago, however, Liascos wasn’t that political. He was arrested by police after being found by a police dog lying outside a museum wearing wearing “sniper camouflage”, preparing to rob the museum, which houses rare gold nuggets.

The dog reportedly began biting at what police thought was the ground. “Police then heard a yell,” Deputy District Attorney Jason Ring, who prosecuted the case, told the court.

Authorities realized the dog was biting a man, dressed in sniper camouflage. “This is a suit covered in moss-like material,” Ring added.

The burglar offered his explanation for being caught in court: according to him, it was just a Halloween costume and he was having a “bad day.” The crime earned him the nickname “Moss Man”.

Moss Man Burglar Liascos pleaded guilty on all charges and received 16-month sentence in 2012.


Perhaps what Moss Man needed to avoid being arrested at the anti-Trump protest was some sort of… camouflage?