In Baltimore, Still No Update in the Molly Macauley Murder Investigation

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By William Hicks | 10:08 pm, July 28, 2016
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It has been almost a month since professor Professor Molly Macauley was stabbed to death near her North Baltimore home while walking her dogs. And still no arrests, no suspects and no motives.

On Saturday, family, friends and colleagues held a memorial service for the world-renowned “space economist”, but Baltimore police have yet to release any new information about the killing, which took place late at night on July 8th in the city’s affluent Roland Park neighborhood. It was the neighborhood’s first murder since 1998.

At Saturday’s memorial, attendees were in despair over the tragic incident and lack of resolution, according to the Baltimore Sun. Macauley’s longtime partner Lee Lasky said he’s “not been able to keep track of the time or day since this happened.”

The killing has sparked enormous outrage on social media, with some commenters suggesting that the attack was racially motivated (no evidence of this has been made public, nor anything about the race of the killer or killers), or that the killing has not received the same attention from the media or law enforcement as the deaths of young black men shot by police.

Conspiracy theories also abound on social media. Some people are trying to connect Macauley’s murder with the also unsolved killing of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was shot to death in nearby Washington DC earlier this month. There is no evidence to support this suggestion.

And some users on Twitter are just incensed at the lack of progress in Macauley’s case.

Since the murder, police have canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on doors and looking for clues. They have not revealed any details of their ongoing investigation.

At the memorial service, Macauley was remember as a loving “mom” to her dogs and a cherished neighbor who loved Baltimore.

The secretive investigation into her murder continues.