Hugh Mungus Accuser Zarna Joshi Kicked Out of Seattle City Hall After Crazy Rant

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By William Hicks | 1:37 pm, November 3, 2016

Zarna Joshi made national headlines after trying to get a man arrested for sexual harassment just because he facetiously told her his name was ‘Hugh Mungus.’ 

Now she’s back in the public eye, and just as crazy as ever. Not only has she come out with a crowdfunding page spewing her nutso bullshit, but she also was forcibly removed from a Seattle City Council meeting following an anti-police rant.

As she was escorted out of the building she screamed “don’t touch me” at security a whopping 10 times, yet somehow managed to not accuse anyone of sexual harassment.

In the speech she accused a Seattle politician, whom she calls a “racist token person of color,” of getting the police to send “racist, white supremacist rapists” to harass her online.

After she continued railing against another “token” Latina politician, a councilman tells her to stop and calls security.

“We see how men of color are used to intimidate women of color into silence,” Joshi screamed while getting whisked out of the room.

And luckily they got the whole kerfuffle on camera in not one, but two glorious angles.

In case you missed it, here’s the original Hugh Mungus video, where Joshi entered our hearts, non-consensually, for the first time.

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