Huffington Post Says Adult Baby Diaper Lovers Are Queer Now

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By William Hicks | 3:02 pm, March 22, 2017
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Like an edict from god himself cast in stone by a lightning bolt, the Huffington Post queer section has deemed anyone with a kink or fetish as part of the “queer umbrella.” And they have been arguing about it with queer people on Twitter basically all day.

The Tweet was in response to someone complaining about an article in the queer section abut adult baby diaper lovers. HuffPo defended their article, proudly labelling adult baby diaper lovers members of the queer community.

Back in my day, queer was simply an umbrella term for sexual or gender minorities. But now HuffPo wants to include the BDSM community, adult babies, body inflators and feet admirers! This old man just can’t keep up with the times.

Many in the LGBT community took umbrage at this categorization.

“Soon, anyone who isn’t having married heterosexual sex in the missionary position under the covers with the lights off is going to identify as ‘queer'” wrote one Redditor in response to HuffPo’s declaration.

The HuffPoQueer Twitter account argued directly with its readers throughout the day. They even had to clarify to one person that pedophilia and beastiality were not fetishes allowed in their new world order queer umbrella. Many on Twitter took offense to the fact that kinky sex was being compared evenly with their sexual or gender identity.

It’s still unknown why HuffPoQueer’s social media person decided to have a fight with all of their followers about pedantic definitions of the word queer. But I think its dangerous to start spreading the label too wide.

I am a proud HETEROSEXUAL man, who just so happens to only get my rocks off dangling from a Rurouni Kenshin-decaled hot air balloon floating in the stratosphere, and I will not be called queer for it. Huffington Post is fake news.

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