Huff Post: Progressive Men Who Try to Analyze Why Clinton Lost Are Being Sexist

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 12:23 pm, November 15, 2016

Here’s a new definition of sexism for you: The Huffington Post suggests that progressive men (even Hillary supporters) who have the audacity to try to analyze why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump are guilty of sexism.

In an article written by Contributing Editor Angelina Chapin titled “Dear ‘Brogressives’—Please Let Women Mourn Hillary Clinton,” she claims “every liberal woman has broken down at some point the past week” because “for feminists, Trump’s win feels like a gut punch.”

“Yet, instead of being empathetic to the pain so many women are feeling, a lot of progressive men have responded with insensitive criticisms of Hillary Clinton,” added the author.

These insensitive criticisms, according to Chapin, include claims that she’s “unlikable” and “a classic ‘establishment’ figure,” and a suggestion that “sexism played no part in Clinton’s defeat because the majority of white women voted for her.” She also points out how so-called “brogressives” undermine Clinton’s professional accomplishments by calling her a “party hack.”

In other words, these progressive men “invalidate the emotional pain women feel right now” because they don’t understand what’s like to “lose in some way to a man who is less deserving. It’s emotional to watch the discrimination we feel on a daily basis happen on a national stage.”

Chapin has a message to these awful sexist progressive men:

Back off and let women grieve. Even better, support them. Of course there are valid criticisms of Clinton and the Democratic Party. But when you inflict your analysis on a woman who is devastated that Americans just elected a man who considers her subhuman, you are being sexist. Plain and simple.

The article ends with a call that “brogressives” stop talking about Clinton and instead embrace the horror of her loss:

When we grieve for Clinton, and the historic first that didn’t happen, give us space. Don’t respond with “Yeah, but…” The best way to prove you’re a man who isn’t threatened by powerful women is to show support.