Wendy Davis Is Back and In ‘Awe’ of Mizzou’s Race Relations Record

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 2:24 pm, December 23, 2016
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Remember Wendy Davis? How could we forget the former Texas Senator, who became a liberal heroine after she held an 11-hour long filibuster of a Texas abortion bill only to later make a failed run for governor of the state?

Now she’s back having re-invented herself as a “gender equality advocate.” Davis writes an essay in a new feminist anthology titled Here We Are, which is published next month with other contributors, including Mindy Kaling and Brandy Colbert.

In the piece, The Win That Comes From Losing, she has gushing praise for the University of Missouri, which, as regular Heat Street readers will know from Jillian Kay Melchior’s stellar reporting, has had an eventful year (whether it’s unseemly race rows, the antics of prominent Mizzou SJW Jonathan Butler or student unrest).

She writes: “I look with awe at the students at Mizzou, who stood together against racial injustice and drove concrete change.”

Heat Street reckons the issue is a little more complicated than that but then she makes it clear in her essay she’s guided by a higher purpose than reality or winning.

Davis concludes: “The losses I’ve endured have taught me that I am more powerful than the limitations of failed efforts. So my advice to you: If you fail, fail big!  Fail with flair!”

She knows of what she speaks.