Hollywood Star Brian Cox Compares Donald Trump to an ‘Abused Child’

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By Heat Street Staff | 1:07 pm, June 7, 2017
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Just when you thought Hollywood actors had run the well dry when it came to insulting the President, they keep surprising.

Ubiquitous Scottish star Brian Cox, whose credits include The Bourne Supremacy, Troy and Doctor Who, has now likened Donald Trump to an “abused child”.

Promoting his new movie Churchill in which he plays the British wartime hero,  Cox told the Observer: “I do keep going back to that idea of the child. It actually brings to mind someone like Donald Trump.

“He just wants to be liked. But he’s bitten off more than he could possibly chew or digest. You can see in Trump the abused child, very clearly.

“He’s kept his child, but it’s an abused child. And he’ll never realize it. The penny won’t drop, and that’s the tragedy of his life.”

Brian Cox as Winston Churchill

Cox recently raised eyebrows by pointing out Hollywood’s double standards on diversity but now he is conforming to the actors’ anti-Trump type.

Cox added in the interview he also thinks Churchill is a child (but not an abused one): “It’s Churchill’s inner child that is most important over everything else, I found,” he said. “They say all babies look like Churchill, and Churchill looks like all babies.”

Churchill, as historian Andrew Roberts previously wrote for Heat Street, is factually inaccurate, even by Hollywood standards. But now it seems like 71-year-old Cox is himself leading the baby stakes by indulging in such risible Freudian political analysis.