Hollywood Celebrities Are Ignoring Hillary Clinton in her Hour of Need

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 5:01 pm, November 2, 2016
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Celebrities, we keep hearing, are out in full to try and ensure Hillary Clinton gets elected President next week.

But are they? Reflecting the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton among voters, many prominent Hollywood liberals are remaining conspicuously silent when it comes to banging the drum to their millions of followers to vote Democrat on November 8.

Louis C.K.’s resounding endorsement of Clinton on Conan has lately been the exception rather than the rule. While dozens of celebrities have of course endorsed Hillary and spoken ill of Donald Trump, here at Heat Street we’ve detected a lull in A-lost social media love for Hillary in recent weeks.

Some celebrities are still loyal to Clinton like recent DNC speaker Chloe Grace Moretz who has this as her pinned tweet:

But with the election less than a week away, fervor for Clinton seems to be at an all time low. There is no Democrat equivalent of prominent Republican James Woods.

Take longtime liberal John Cusack who right now is only tweeting about his beloved Chicago Cubs at the World Series:

Tom Hanks is disobliging about the Donald when he’s asked about him in interviews but he’s ‘excited’ about his cars, and not Hillary:

I’m so excited about my new car!! Hanx. pic.twitter.com/rNelj4qj9v

Do the Right Thing director Spike Lee is not normally lost for words on politics. Until now where he prefers to publicly dwell on the anniversary of his old movies.

Tim Robbins was so desperate for John Kerry to be elected President in the 2004 election he joined Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam on the Vote for Change Tour with his punk rock cover band Gob Roberts, named after Bob Roberts the 1992 satire he directed.

Apart from Robbins retweeting Bernie Sanders’ thoughts on the election, he presently seems more into Bob Roberts‘ political stock than Hillary Clinton:

A batch of emails released by the State Department last October revealed Clinton had exchanged messages with her aides about Ben Affleck, Lady Gaga and Lisa Kudrow.

Lady Gaga has endorsed Clinton and slammed Trump but lately she’s happy about her own success in Japan and not Hillary:

Affleck — who campaigned for Al Gore in 2000 — posted a video he made for Funny or Die telling New Hampshire residents to vote. But he hasn’t mentioned Hillary Clinton on Twitter or Instagram in the past year.

Celebrities right now aren’t harming Hillary Clinton but they don’t seem to be helping her all that much either.

But while Clinton could really do with a boldface name boost right now, she has at least got Hollywood trade publication Variety on her side:

If only the stars featured in Variety were as keen on Hillary…