Has Lena Dunham Committed Voter Fraud – Or Lied About Voting for Hillary Clinton?

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 2:31 pm, November 8, 2016

Update: Lena Dunham has responded to the voter fraud allegations. She claims that she was a registered independent before her “political awakening” and that she voted as a Democrat – though she doesn’t seem to have informed New York City authorities of her idealistic epiphany.

She also claims to have “cleared up” her registration before casting her primary ballot.

She doesn’t seem to realize that she could have voted – and gotten the “nifty” sticker – without having the appropriate paperwork on file. In which case, she committed a serious offense.

Either Dunham is mistaken about her voter status or New York City authorities are severely lax in updating their official voter records. Instead of offering concrete proof that its the latter, Dunham hit out at her “attackers” claiming they should have better things to do on such a historic day.

Dunham, of course, should know that voter fraud is a very serious crime, and that such a callous approach to a fundamental American right is antithetical to the proud traditions of American democracy.


Lena Dunham’s problems are about to get more serious than just not passing her own offensive Halloween costume standards or taking down a strange Instagram post about the robust sex life she led in her twenties: she has been accused of either lying about voting Hillary Clinton, or committing voter fraud back in April during New York’s primary election.

In April, Dunham boasted on her Instagram that she just voted in the New York primary election (presumably for Hillary Clinton whom she strongly supports), saying she loves voting. She also showed a NYC “I Voted” sticker that is normally given to people at the polls.

There’s just one issue – according to journalist Michael Tracey, Dunham isn’t registered as a Democrat in New York and thus couldn’t have possibly voted in the primary – unless she committed voter fraud. This is due to New York State’s closed primary system which allows only an enrolled member of a party to vote in its primaries.



The question remains – did Lena Dunham lie about voting for Hillary Clinton back in April to remain cool among her woke followers, or did she actually commit voter fraud for Hillary?

#ImWithHer is certainly getting another meaning.