GW University Students Who Complete Diversity Training Get to Wear Special Graduation Robes

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By Kyle Foley | 3:19 pm, September 27, 2016

Social justice warriors are now setting their sights on college graduation ceremonies.

At George Washington University, students who complete eight weeks of training now get to wear special graduation robes with “diversity cords.”

The program, created by the Multicultural Student Services Center at GWU, will include topics such as “Unconscious Bias,” “Gendered Language,” “LGBTQIA Safe Zone,” and will be awarding pins for “competency,” whatever that means. It is, in essence, and attempt by GWU to establish a campus-wide intellectual safe zone by using a kindergarten-level rewards system.

According to GWU, this kind of training is necessary in order to “equip students and staff with the necessary skills to promote diversity and inclusion in the different environments in which they find themselves frequently.” For the most part, however, we have seen this type of intellectual hop-scotch ruin open discussion on campus. In fact, it also does more to harm diversity than help it.

According to Campus Reform, some students see it this way as well. A member of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at GWU, Diego Rebollar, called out the school for not being consistent when it comes to diversity. “As a Mexican immigrant, I recognize the importance of diversity,” Rebollar said. “However, when the student government gives six times as much funding to the College Democrats than it did to the College Republicans, it shows that the university is not consistent in its commitment to diversity.”

This is a common trend on campuses, where the level of respect for diversity depends on who is expressing the alternative viewpoints. The University of Kansas has become the latest example, where students decided that screaming at people who disagree with them was better than rational discussion.