Guys Are Now Using Colorful Mascara To Give Themselves ‘Manicorn’ Rainbow Beards

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 10:43 am, May 10, 2017

Makeup artist Kirsten Leanne has gone viral after posting some sort of bizarre public-shaming marital ritual where she uses turquoise, blue and violet mascara to transform her bearded husband into a manicorn.

As publications from Cosmopolitan to Refinery 29 noted, Leanne and her followers are picking up on the ubiquitous unicorn trend.

It’s no longer enough to have Starbucks frappucinos whose pink and purple swirls mask sippers’ impending sugar comas. And no longer are we content with bagels fresh out of a Willy Wonka fever dream.

Now, we’re actually OK with turning male beards into a warped paint-by-numbers to fuel our unicorn fetish.

🌈 Rainbow @arcticfoxhaircolor tutorial is up on @kristenxleanne ‘s channel (link in bio)🤘#manicorn 🦄

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Bad news, mates. It gets more obnoxious from here.

Allure has fused culture’s current obsession with unicorns with social justice, transforming its coverage of this wacky trend into a quasi-think piece.

Writer Devon Abelman (whose Twitter tag is @Abelw0man) takes issue with the term “manicorn,” saying there’s “no need to add the prefix ‘man’ to an animal that we’re not even sure has genders.”

Nevertheless, she persisted in cheerily listing the brand of mascara (Pop Beauty Lashy Flashy) used to transform Kirsten Leanne’s husband’s face into a multi-colored nightmare.

Extinction can’t come fast enough.