Guy Goes Viral For Abandoning Trump Voter In Snow Storm; Tries to Cash In

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:47 am, December 16, 2016

A prolific Trump foe found viral fame after boasting about abandoning a driver stuck in the snow as punishment for supporting the President-elect.

Troy Brown, from Winchester, Ohio, shared an image of a car that had slid off the road and was pointing into a ditch, with no obvious way to escape unaided.

He captioned the image: “I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car 😂😂😂 #CallYoPresident.” It was shared approvingly some 1,700 times.

Brown, who posts extensively about political issues like Black Lives Matter, then tried to capitalize on his fleeting celebrity by advertising merchandise with the photo on.

He shared¬†images of shirts and hoodies branded with the image, and promised that the gear would be “shipped before Christmas” to anybody who wanted to buy it.

Some of those who saw the post berated Brown for his lack of humanity, to which he responded with canned posts about refusing to help “Trump supporters, rapists, murderers, or those involved in trafficking.”

It is not clear exactly where or when the photograph, posted Tuesday night, was taken, and Brown refused to clarify.

But Ohio has been hit by vicious snowstorms in past days, with temperatures plunging as low as 13 degrees.

Heat Street contacted Brown to ask him more about the post, but he merely restated his opposition to Trump and kept going.