Guardian Reviewer Bashes ‘Wonder Woman’ for Not ‘Upending the Patriarchy’

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 1:26 pm, May 30, 2017

Reviews for Wonder Woman are out and they’re broadly positive. Whatever you think of how the DC Comics female superhero is being sold or the underlying message of female empowerment for the first comic-book blockbuster directed by a woman,  it’s stating the obvious to state you should wait to discuss the merits of the movie until you actually see it.

Wonder Woman, starring  Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the title role, has a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But The Guardian—which might have been expected to lead the cheers for the movie—has instead given the movie two stars out of five, seemingly on the grounds that Patti Jenkins’ movie is insufficiently feminist.

Critic Steve Rose moans in his review: ” What promised to be a glass-ceiling-smashing blockbuster actually looks more like a future camp classic.”

Rose objects to the prominence that the male characters have in the movie, most notably the US Army Captain played by Chris Pine: “What’s worse, Pine repeatedly sees fit to call the shots and boss her about, despite the fact that she’s clearly his physical and intellectual superior.

“This gender imbalance could have been the basis for some patriarchy-upending subversion, or at least some romcom sparks, but both avenues go unexplored. Instead, the film feels obliged to give Pine his own equally heroic story arc.”

Taking exception to the fact the director’s vision of Wonder Woman differs with the film he would have made, Rose notes: “Poor Diana has been reduced to a weaponised Smurfette…she journeys from a land without men and winds up stranded in no man’s land.”

Plenty of people out there have noted how a guy from The Guardian calling out Wonder Woman for being insufficiently feminist is awkward, not to say absurd: