Grody Feminist Beardo Journalist Devin Faraci Accused of ‘Grabbing P*ssy’

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By William Hicks | 4:01 pm, October 10, 2016
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Update: Faraci has officially stepped down as editor-in-chief of Birth.Death.Movies.

He left a message for friends and readers. 

This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.


Devin Faraci, editor-in-chief of Birth.Death.Movies, notable Twitter feminist and the living definition of a feminist beardo, may have met his demise last weekend. Faraci has in the past called Gamergaters “ISIS with Steam accounts,”  Ghostbusters haters “limp dick losers,” and people who watch anime, perverts.

But this weekend, when railing against Trump’s comments on the leaked tapes talking about grabbing women “by the pussy,” he was accused of literally the very same thing.

The woman accusing Faraci of sexual assault went on to elaborate about the encounter, which happened more than 10 years ago.

While Faraci did not actively admit to the charge, he did plead for forgiveness, while saying he did not remember. But regardless of facts, many will find it unsettling if a person does not “remember” sexually assaulting someone.

Even a left-wing media outlet appears to be turning on Faraci with particularly scornful language, although no word yet from his posse of militant SJW culture critics. “Behind every performatively woke man is a dark past he’s desperately trying to make sure you don’t see,” wrote Jaya Sexana of The Daily Dot. 

This sentence really gets to the heart of zealots, “woke feminists” or otherwise. Their constant need to perform their beliefs and mercilessly strike at those who disagree is often a strategy to conceal glaring hypocrisies.

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Bonus: video of Faraci getting his ass kicked.